Local Stories of Hope

Archdiocese of Chicago

This Lent, encounter our neighbors in the Archdiocese of Chicago and share their stories of hope. Finding hope amid violence in Chicago The statistics say it all.  Last year, the city of Chicago ended 2016 with 786 murders. This year, the number is already over 160 as of mid April. The community is struggling with … Continue reading

Diocese of Honolulu

You are born with breadfruit, you grow up with breadfruit and you die with breadfruit. This popular saying from the Micronesian island of Chuuk, thousands of miles off the coast of Hawaii, captures the importance of this starchy fruit. It’s a staple both for the Chuukese living in Micronesia, and for people like Micaela, who … Continue reading

Archdiocese of Louisville

When Mark Bouchard first came up with his idea for a luncheon to begin the Lenten season with CRS Rice Bowl in Louisville, KY, he knew he had a tough sell on his hands. After all, he was asking one of his city’s Catholic schools to hand over its gym to a few hundred students … Continue reading