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Thank you for journeying with us throughout Lent! Given the realities of COVID-19 and that communities are unable to physically collect CRS Rice Bowls, participants can submit their CRS Rice Bowl gifts online, by phone or mail. During this difficult time, every contribution will help those most in need in your community and around the world. No matter how you choose to give, 25% of your donation goes back to your local diocese to support hunger and poverty alleviation efforts.

Planning Tools

Find the tools you need to begin planning your faith community’s CRS Rice Bowl Lenten experience. Get started by watching this video with 5 simple steps.

Order free CRS Rice Bowl materials online for your parish community, or call 800-222-0025. All orders ship in early January.

End-of-Lent Planning

It’s important to inform parishioners how CRS Rice Bowl donations will be collected at the end of Lent. To assist in that effort, all participating communities will receive a “Mid-Lent Mailing.” Some helpful hints:

Communication Tools

CRS Rice Bowl offers a suite of digital and print tools to help you communicate with parishioners.

Find more digital communication resources:

  • Social Media Kit: Find memes for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Photos: Download photos from this year’s Stories of Hope.
  • Logos: Find CRS Rice Bowl logos for your newsletters.
  • Videos: Download this year’s video series.

Also, if your parish is interested in hearing a first-hand account of how far your CRS Rice Bowl funds go, invite a CRS priest or deacon to your parish. There is no cost and no second collection, just a Thank You for your support. To schedule, email

Liturgical Resources