Families are the foundation of CRS Rice Bowl. From the stories we share about our own family’s Lenten journey, to those we hear about our brothers and sisters in countries near and far, we are all united as members of God’s family, called to pray, fast and give during these forty days before Easter.

CRS Rice Bowl can serve as the foundation to your family’s Lenten journey. We know your family is busy; that’s why we have prayer resources and activities to use during dinner, in the car on the way to school or whenever you have just a few moments to gather together, pause and pray. Use these holy days of Lent to respond to Pope Francis’ call to deepen your family’s faith life-and let CRS Rice Bowl accompany your family along the way. Below, we have several Lenten activities for families.


Turn your family’s dinner table into an experience of global solidarity.

Lenten Calendar and Meatless Meals

A Lenten Kit for YOUR Family: This is all you need to have a faith-filled, enriching Lenten season. Print out the CRS Rice Bowl wrapper and tape it to a coffee or soda can, small box, or whatever you have around the house-it will serve as a centerpiece for your Lenten journey. Use the daily reflections in the Lenten Calendar to challenge your family to live more intentionally this Lent-and learn about Catholic social teaching and share the stories of other families around the world along the way.

Lenten Placemat: Use it to share the stories of those in need overseas, play a game or just catch the crumbs from your meatless meals-print this placemat and use it all through Lent!

Meatless Meals: We have simple, meatless meals from around the world for you and your family to try each Friday this Lent.


Bring your family together in prayer this Lent.

Prayer Resources

Why are we called to pray, fast and give during Lent? Come together with these Lenten activities for families to find out. And use one of our many resources to enrich your family’s prayer life.

  • Journey with Jesus to Calvary with these Catholic social teaching inspired Stations of the Cross.
  • Contemplate the role Jesus’ mother, Mary, played throughout his life with these Seven Sorrows of Mary.
  • Learn from those who have come before us by reflecting on the Lives of the Saints.
  • Keep these prayer cards in your wallet, pocket or backpack to remember those for whom we pray this Lent.


Lent can be a time to grow together as a family.

Lenten Activities for Families

In the video below, meet the Hernandez family, who celebrate Lent by participating in CRS Rice Bowl.