Diocesan offices play a pivotal role in the success of CRS Rice Bowl around the country. To that end, CRS offers several resources to help diocesan teams succeed in implementing CRS Rice Bowl in their parishes, schools and faith communities. And don’t forget to check out our Lenten resources for the Year of Mercy!

The Basics: Only have a few minutes? Here’s what you need to know.

Going Deeper: We develop newsletters and webinars just for diocesan teams. Take a look.

Coordinating Throughout the Diocese: Need a hand getting the program off the ground? Here you go.

Answering Questions: You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers (hopefully).

  • Can I order more materials for communities in my diocese? Yes! You can order materials all the way to Easter Sunday. Just go to our order page: crsricebowl.org/order.
  • How do I explain to parishes why the CRS Collection and CRS Rice Bowl both take place during Lent? This will explain.
  • How do I collect and submit CRS Rice Bowl donations? Here’s your answer.
  • Is there an envelope template for parishes that want one? Yes.
  • How do I use the local 25% of CRS Rice Bowl funds? This will explain.
  • Where do I get a CRS Rice Bowl transmittal form for this year? We have a new form every year. After Lent, we’ll contact every diocesan office with more information.

Other questions? Email us at crsricebowl@crs.org.

A Big Thank You: Don’t forget to thank your communities!



Webinars & Trainings
CRS Rice Bowl: Are YOU READY? Diocesan Staff & CRS Rice Bowl Coordinators
Best Practices to Start Lent CRS Rice Bowl Coordinators, Parish Ambassadors
Plato de Arroz de CRS Coordinadores del Ministerio Pastoral
Lent & the Environment Parish & School Leaders
CRS Rice Bowl & Elementary School Education* Elementary School Teachers

*This webinar was conducted for the Archdiocese of Boston’s Catholic Schools Office, though is applicable generally to all Catholic elementary schools. You will need to sign-in to view this webinar, as it is supported by a different webinar platform than our other webinars.

2016 CRS Rice Bowl Transmittal Form & Process

For 2016, the CRS Rice Bowl team is initiating a new, easier-to-use system to monitor transmittal forms. Simply head on over to our online form, fill out your information and hit submit. That’s all there is to it! You will instantly receive a receipt via email detailing the information you provided. There is no longer any need to print and send the forms — simply use our online system, and then look for your 25% return in late October 2016.