Saturday, March 18, 2017



How often do we, like Peter, try to hold tight to a special moment or a feeling of joy? Something so spectacular has happened that we just don’t want it to end! It’s human nature to want to dwell in these times; after all, God gives them to us as a gift. But Jesus encourages us: “Rise, and do not be afraid.” Such awesome moments will come again, but we must come down from these mountainous peaks into the valley of life. We must work to bring about God’s vision in our every day—we have a responsibility to God, ourselves and our neighbors to do so.

But what does this vision look like? Sometimes we, like Abram, are simply called to trust, to go forth knowing God goes with us. But as we go, we look to our neighbors, to those who we encounter along the way. We ask ourselves how we can build them up so that we can all go together, to that land that God promises us, to the transfigured Christ who beckons us forth.