Catholic Relief Services’ dynamic overseas speakers share first-hand witness of the agency’s lifesaving work around the world. Through personal stories, speakers deliver an impactful message – powerfully connecting U.S. audiences to our global neighbors.

CRS Lenten Speaker Tours take place during the Lenten Season in each of the five CRS regions in the U.S. It is focused on increasing participation and giving through the CRS Rice Bowl program.

Speakers share their personal background and what it is like to live in their country. They talk about particular individuals or families recovering from disaster, accessing clean water or small business loans, learning new skills – growing more resilient and hopeful.  We learn how CRS and the Catholic Church strengthen communities around the world.

Each Speaker’s presentation and story inspire audiences to see the work that CRS is doing globally in tangible form. As you leave the presentation we ask you to remember the story you have heard, and during the season of Lent, use your CRS Rice Bowl as tool to connect you to your globally family.

If you have any questions, please contact your CRS regional representative or Speakers Tour Coordinator, phoebe.heibeck@crs.org, (410) 951-7301. For more information about CRS Rice Bowl, please check out the FAQ page.

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